London Summer Study Abroad Program

Reading University and London, England

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The construction industry is becoming increasingly international. Through this Study Abroad Program, you visit international construction sites and firms, as well as various construction-related organizations and firms. Students develop a greater appreciation for international practices, culture, and technology.

Each week of this intensive, exciting program you will have two days of classes, two days of structured site visits in and around London, then an independent extended, three-day weekend that begins early  each Thursday afternoon and ends when classes resume at noon on Monday, allowing you much time to explore Europe on your own.

Each year, students take weekend trips to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, and elsewhere.

Available Courses (select 4):

BC 4640 (3hrs)

Construction Marketing

BC 4650 (3hrs)

Sustainable Construction

BC 4660 (3hrs)

Entrepreneurship in Construction

BC 4670 (3hrs)

Construction Issues and Initiatives

BC 4900 (3hrs)

Special Problems

program fee

$5000 - Includes housing and insurance. This fee does NOT include tuition**, airfare, meals, or local transportation. Also, it does NOT include extra travel and incidental expenses.

**add full summer 2013, in-state, tuition for 12 credit hours plus books

Fee schedule

Payment #1: $2,500 due February 15th (Includes $500 deposit required by OIE)

Payment #2: $2,500 due March 15th:

cancelation policy

  • Students who choose not to participate in the program after submitting an application will be subject to the following fee schedule.
  • $500 deposit is non-refundable.
  • Students canceling after February 15, 2013 must pay 25% of the program fee Students canceling after March 15, 2013 must pay 50% of the program fee. Students canceling after April 15, 2013 must pay 100% of the program fee.